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Adakhan Madumarov 

Chairperson of Butun Kyrgyzstan & Presidential Candidate


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Adakhan Madumarov was born in 1965 in the village of Kurshab, in Osh province. He worked as a journalist between 1990-95, then went onto become a parliamentary deputy 1995-2000. Eventually becoming a leader of the opposition. Due to protests surrounding the ousting of President Askar Akaev and the rise of President Bakiyev he become vice-premier. He later became Head of the Security Council, as secretary. One of his latest appointments was in 2008 as speaker of the Kyrgyz parliament, although he later resigned due to a scandal in 2008. He is still chairmen of Butun Kyrgyzstan-Emgek (United Kyrgyzstan), however they have failed to gain over the 7% margin of the national vote to gain seats in parliament. He went on to run for the presidency in 2011, he came 2nd gaining 14.78% of the vote. 

He is one of a few Kyrgyzstan politicians who can generate support across all regions of the country, He is also an advocate of a strong presidential system. His main support remains in the South, but his national support has been damaged due to scandals in his career.  


1991-1995 –  Worked as a Journalist

1995-2005 – Parliamentary deputy and leader of the opposition

2005 agreed vice-premiership with Bakiyev after protests

December 2007 – Elected Speaker of the Kyrgyz parliament

2008 – Resigns as Speaker of Kyrgyz parliament due to scandal

December 2011 – unsuccessful electoral bid for Presidency, 14.78% vote



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