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Bir Bol

Altynbek Suleimanov

Nature of Party
Technocrat party that desires a return to the presidential system


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Bir Bol was founded in 2014 by former Respublika party member, Altynbek Suleimanov. The party has support from across the country, however the south is Altynbek Suleimanov main support base. The party itself is made up of veteran politicians, officials and members of the business community; many of which were former members of previous presidential administrations. One of the party’s main ambitions is to return to a strong presidential system. However, the party is known for its cautious nature and appears to be taking its time, focusing on building a broad support base across the nation before making a move for office. 

In the 2015 parliamentary elections they received 8.5% of the vote which resulted in 12 seats in parliament. It is now an opposition party in the parliament.


Key Members

Altynbek Suleimanov - Party founder and chairmen



2014 – Party is founded

2015 – Parliamentary elections - winning 12 seats in parliament, 8.5% % of the vote



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