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The current ruling coalition is composed of the: SDPK (38 seats), Kyrgyzstan party (18 seats), Onuguu-Progress (13) and Ata-Meken (11).

In previous parliaments the ruling coalition has been hampered by the threat of defection.  Where parties in the coalition would block new legislation by threatening to leave, as a result the government would lose their majority.

However the new coalition should be able to avoid coalition collapse, or at the least make them less frequent. As although the SDPK failed to get a clear majority, the size of the coalition means one party can't collapse the union by exiting. Although the coalition is unlikely to function without any disagreements. 

The party most likely to cause disruption is Ata-Meken. In 2015 President Atambayev attacked Ata-Meken leader Omurbek Tekebayev of having a double standard by having “one foot in government, one in opposition.” This criticism was levelled at Ata-Meken for its frequent criticism of the government, despite it being a key part of the government itself.


Last Election Results: Parliamentary 2015 


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