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Kamchybek Tashiev

Opposition candidate


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Kamchybek Tashiev is a fairly new figure in Kyrgyz politics.  He is perceived as a controversial candidate due to the 2011 presidential elections, due to his nationalist sentiments. 

He originally graduated from Tomsk State University with a degree in chemical engineering, he then went to the Kyrgyz National University to graduate as a lawyer. He was a member of parliament under President Bakiyev where he became a minister in his government. However he resigned in 2009 due to disagreements with Bakiyev. He then became an influential leader of the opposition in the overthrow of Bakiyev.  He is credited by his followers for stopping the 2010 ethnic clashes that occurred in the cities of Osh and Jalalabad. However, despite this he has made claims against the Uzbek community, insinuating that they had started the violence. As a result, he has been labelled as a divisive nationalist. He made a bid for the presidency in 2011, he failed, coming third with 14.3% of the vote.


2009 – Resigned as Minister in Bakiyev government 

2010 – Leader of opposition against Bakiyev

2010 – Helped calm ethnic clashes in Osh and Jalalabad

December 2011 – Unsuccessful electoral bid for Presidency, 14.3% vote



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