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Kyrgyzstan (Political party)

Kanatbek Isaev

Nature of Party
Pro government, supporters of the SPDK


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The Kyrgyzstan party was formed from a Yntymak sub-faction that broke off from Respublika in 2012. This is a seemingly common political creation story as various political parties have formed in this manner. They left before the Ata Jurt union due to disagreements with the party leader and then Prime Minister Babanov.

The party was set up in 2015 by a former Respublika member Kanatbek Isaev who had been serving as head of the northern Chui oblast (province). Isaev was joined by two other ex-governors of Naryn and Batken oblasts, Kanatbek Muratbekov and Arzybek Burkanov. Some other politicians joined the group from other parties, Burkanov left Ak-Zhol and Kanybek Imanaliev joined. a deputy from Ar-Namys.

The party however is seen by many as a political vehicle of the SDPK, as it was reported that the party’s original concept was created by Ikramzhon Ilmiyanov, an influential background figure in Kyrgyzstan with close ties to President Atambayev.

In the 2015 parliamentary elections the Kyrgyzstan party managed to win 12.75% of the vote, 18 seats.  Then then joined the government coalition led by the SDPK.

However, since the parliamentary elections there has been a troubling amount of resignations from the elected candidate list.  Two MP’s, Arzybek Kojoshev and Kanatbek Muratbekov left to join the government as Economic Minister and leader of the State Ecology and Technical Inspection Agency respectively. However, three other MP’s Elmira Dzhumalieva, Cholpon Esenamanova and Urmat Ishenbekov were stripped of their office in 2016. The party leader Isaev said that they were expelled as they intended to quit the party. However, it has been reported that they were expelled as they did not gain enough votes in their regions. Which a worrying development for Kyrgyzstan political development.


Key Members

Kanatbek Isaev – Founding member of Kyrgyzstan, Ex-Governor of Chui Oblast

Arzybek Kojoshev – current Economic Minister

Kanatbek Muratbekov - Ex-Governor of Naryn Oblast, current State Ecology and Technical Inspection Agency Minister

Arzybek Burkanov - Ex-Governor of Batken Oblast, and ex Ak–Zhol member



2012 – Yntymak sub-faction that broke off from Respublika 

2015 – Party is founded.

2015 – Parliamentary elections, wins 18 seats.



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