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Onuguu (Progress)

Bakyt Torobayev

Nature of Party
Agrarian focused, largely supportive of the SDPK


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Onuguu (Progress) party was formed from another splinter faction of Respublika in 2012 by the former deputy speaker of parliament, Bakyt Torobayev. At first they challenged the government becoming an opposition party,  against the SDPK coalition. In 2013 Onuguu absorbed the Unity of Peoples party, which further increased their support in the south. 

The party specifically targeted the large farming community to garner vote, which resulted in them winning 11 seats in parliament, 9.3% of the vote, in the 2015 parliamentary elections. Despite their early opposition they are now seen as another party that supports President Atambayev and the SDPK. Clearly shown after the election when Torobayev called for greater unity at the opening of parliament in 2015.


Key Members

Bakyt Torobayev – Former deputy speaker of parliament and chairmen of Onuguu party



2012 – Party is founded

2013 – Party absorbs the Unity of Peoples party

2015 – Parliamentary elections - winning 11 seats in parliament, 9.3% of the vote

2015 -  Parliamentary elections – Onuguu-Progress wins 13 seats. Forms a coalition with Kyrgyzstan party (18 seats), SDPK (38) and Ata-Meken (11)




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