Kyrgyz Journalist Charged

Kyrgyzstan 13/02/18

Elnura Alkanova, a Kyrgyz investigative journalist, has been
charged with publishing commercial secrets in the latest sign of Kyrgyzstan’s
increasing intolerance of dissidence and journalistic independence. Mz. Alkanova’s
report was an investigation into the purchase of luxury homes by a company that
may be linked to members of Prime Minister Isakov’s family.

 Alkananova’s employer,
Russian online news agency, refused the Kyrgyz governments request
to retract the article, leading to Alkanova’s arrest.

This is just the latest sign of the Kyrgyz government increasing
authoritarian behaviour. Which has used state media to attack political rivals and
defame journalists.

This arrest is another troubling sign from Central Asia’s only
true democracy.

Elura Alkanova (courtesy of RFERL)

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