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  1. President Rahmon Prepares Succession Contingency

    08 Feb 2018

    07/02/18 Tajikistan’s lower chamber of parliaments has approved legal amendments that lower the eligibility age from 35 to 30 for legislative positions in parliaments upper house, and most importantly for the presidency. This amendment seems to have occurred so that President Emomali Rahmon can manoeuvre his 30-year-old son, Rustam Emomali,…

  2. Tajik & Turkmen Anti-Corruption Drive

    27 May 2017

    26/05/17 Tajikistan and Turkmenistan have seen multiple officials arrested in a new corruption drive by both nations. However, it has hard to believe that these actions are driven by a genuine desire to tackle corruption, instead the drivers behind the action are less obvious and more speculative and it has…

  3. 06/05/17 – Tajik Border Taliban activity

    09 May 2017

    It has been reported that certain Afghan districts of the Badakhshan province, a province that borders Tajikistan, may be under insurgent control. Reports currently are inconsistent although reliable sources have indicated fighting in the province, although it remains unclear if districts directly along the border have an insurgent presence. News…

  4. 05/05/17 – Tajikistan’s Banks in Trouble

    08 May 2017

    The Tajik banking sector continues to struggle as Agroinvestbank, Tajikistan’s largest lender, has been forced to limit the amount of cash customers can withdraw to 500 somoni ($58). Agroinvestbank is not alone, Tojiksodirotbank, Fononank and Tojprombank banks have and are suffering withdrawal limits, with the latter two banks losing their…

  5. 27/03/17 - Tajikistan - Military Exercises

    27 Mar 2017

    Tajikistan has announced it will be conducting two separate military manoeuvres, one involving US troops, the other Russian. The US manoeuvres will involve 150 American and 100 Tajik personal, while the Russian exercise could involve 2,000 Russian and up to 50,000 Tajik troops. Both exercises reflect the strategic importance of…

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