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  1. US Slashes Aid Programmes

    27 May 2017

    27/05/17  The newly proposed US budget if implemented will cut programme funding in Central Asia and the Caucasus by over 50%, reducing funding from $218.1million in 2016 to $93.1 million in 2018. Kyrgyzstan, the second largest recipient of US programmes in the region after Georgia, will see a drop-in funding…

  2. Tajik & Turkmen Anti-Corruption Drive

    27 May 2017

    26/05/17 Tajikistan and Turkmenistan have seen multiple officials arrested in a new corruption drive by both nations. However, it has hard to believe that these actions are driven by a genuine desire to tackle corruption, instead the drivers behind the action are less obvious and more speculative and it has…

  3. Uzbek & Turkmen Accent to Energy Plans

    25 May 2017

    25/05/17  Uzbekistan’s and Tajikistan’s relationship continues to improve with both sides reaching agreement on multiple energy infrastructure projects. The proposed projects will be a boon for regional relations, which have seen a marked improvement since the death of Uzbek strongman President Karimov. The main projects include plans to develop new…

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