Uzbek Terrorist Pleads Guilty in Stockholm

Uzbekistan  13/02/18

Rakhmat Akilov has pleaded guilty on the first day of his
trial in Stockholm. The ethnic Tajik from Uzbekistan was accused of stealing a truck
and using it to kill five people on a crowded Stockholm street on the 7th
April 2017.

Akilov, who is believed to have contacted IS militants before
and after the attacks, is one of an increasing number of Central Asia’s who have
been involved in high profile terrorist attacks in recent years across the
globe. Despite his guilty plea and conviction, it will do little to prevent extremist
recruitment in Central Asia. While poverty, disenfranchisement and persecution are
widespread across the region, Central Asia will remain a recruiting ground for extremist
Islamic groups.

A truck that crashed into the Ahlens department store in central Stockholm is towed from the site early Saturday. MAJA SUSLIN / AFP - Getty Images

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